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Enjoy performances of indie bands on Hongdae street!

Here is Hongdae! Hongdae is named as the street of young people’s energy, romantic, artistic, fashionable street.
There are lot of things to see. One of the best thing is indie band’s performances. Enjoy how powerful the passion they have.

Various genres, special charming, witty words of music, also superior talent!
They are very special and fascinating. You can see and meet musician who is living and breathing with the way different to popular musician.

We often enjoy performances in Hongdae after having dinner.
It was the performance that we had seen.
The name is Colt’s Sea of Fire on the street. They were attracting people with wonderful enthusiasm. It seemed likes watching real Coldplay’s

Come to feel the special Hongdae street during staying with us! We are waiting for you anytime!

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